This Saturday, April 18, 2010, BSU hosted the start to its 4-week-long hygiene drive for the Athens County Juvenile Court. The drive involves collecting donated hygiene items to be used by the juveniles whom which the court works with. After four hours at Boyd and Nelson markets, BSU collected a substantial amount of donated items.


Be on the look-out for drop boxes around campus where you too can make your contribution by donating items such as womens deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, tampons/pads, brushes, soap, mouthwash, hairspray and toilet paper. BSU will wrap up the drive by spending 12pm-4pm at Boyd, Jeff and Nelson markets on Saturday May 8, 2010.

The members of BSU encourage everyone to spread the word! Every contribution helps. If there are any questions contact Community Affairs Chair Stephanie Sheely. Her information can be found by clicking on the “contact us” tab at the top of the page.

‘Negro’ Race Choice On Census Form Sparks Outrage

We’ve all got it and filled it out, but there were a lot of questions raised about the race option for African Americans on the 2010 U.S Census. “Negro” is a term that most people find offensive and outdated, but some have argued that this term is still acceptable among the older generations of African Americans. We want to know what are your thoughts on the issue…

1. Should the term “negro” be used in the 2010 Census?

2. What does this say about America’s ongoing struggle with race? Is this a sign we have not made any improvement?

3. What do you think should be done so that African Americans concerns can be heard?

4. Do you think the response given about ” this being the accepted terms for older generations” is a acceptable excuse?

Feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think.

You asked: “Why does Ohio University need a Black Student Union?” And here’s our answer:

Have you been wondering why we re-started the Black Student Union? Watch our video and find out why your fellow students believe we need a Black Student Union on the Ohio University campus. Leave a comment and tell us what you think.


As students have been anticipating February 2, 2010 (the date, which was stated in the death threat, that all Black Hocking College students would be killed) the Ohio University Black Student Union has been trying to do everything in its power to inform African American students on Ohio University’s campus about the situation. From blog posts and emails to Facebook messages and even an appearance on the Columbus Channel 10 News, the BSU has been keeping students aware of the seriousness of this incident through all forms of media.

It is suggested that all students take precaution and stay alert while making their way across campus. Our purpose is not to induce panic; it is, however, to create awareness and ensure that all students, especially African American ones, make it through the day safely.

Shakayla Burris, a memeber of the BSU, was very proactive in providing further information about this incident and spreading the word by connecting with Columbus Channel 10 News to come to Ohio Univeristy.

Click link to watch Ashleeann Washington and I (members of the BSU) on the Colombus News speaking about the Hocking College Black death threat (once link is opened click on college threats)

Together we can build a family!

-Chrysten Crockett

Racism Shakes Up Athens County!

As you all may know very little about the racial threats made at Hocking College, it was surprising to find out the story was more than portrayed in the email sent to the student body by Dean Lombardi. Although it may not have been fully appropriate to write the exact words of what was written on the bathroom stall in one of the Hocking College residence halls in the email, it is still highly important for the students, black in particular to know the severity of the remarks.

We feel that it was very important to include these details especially because it was reported around the nation without the Ohio University student body knowing the whole situation. In the past week or so someone wrote about killing all “niggers” on February 2nd who attend Hocking College. Seeing that Nelsonville, Hocking Colleges’ location, is less than 10 minutes away from Athens and Ohio University, it should be a priority to thoroughly notify the Ohio University students of the situation. As black students we feel threatened and scared for our own safety on this campus, particularly on this Tuesday, February 2nd.
There is no coincidence that on this same date (February 2nd) 1948, President Truman urged the United States to adopt civil rights. This included a civil rights statue, providing federal protection against lynching, and other rights similar in nature. This situation has proved that racism is still alive and prevalent. The only way to protect ourselves against this threat is to be informed so that we canin turn, spread the word  and stay in buildings and well lit areas where safety is provided. We can work together to prevent this situation from occurring on our campus.

-Shakayla Burris

For More Information Visit:


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