About BSU

The purpose of a Black Student Union is to establish a cohesive bond between the African American student body as well as eliminate the boundaries that we as African American students create for ourselves by not connecting with the resources we have around us. The BSU provides a forum where voices, opinions, goals and differences can be heard in order to strengthen the black community. It also seeks to build political, cultural, professional and educational knowledge while serving as an “umbrella” organization which stands as a support system for all black student organizations on campus.

The BSU focuses on meetings, events, and community service projects in order to enhance the presence of the black community in Athens while building stronger relationships among peers in and outside of the black community.

Photography by: Mylan Cannon

“As an African American student at Ohio University it becomes acceptable to look around and barely notice any faces that resemble my own. From being one of the only black people in the majority of my classes to only walking past one tanned face in every 50 faces on my way across campus, it becomes more apparent how important it is to embrace my black peers here at OU; to have a network of people that I can go to when I need advice, help or even just to voice my opinions and concerns; a sense of family which as a whole is non-existent at this University.  It has become a trend among black students to instead of build an unbreakable bond of unity and strength between peers, we turn against each other, lack support and form small cliques which limits the idea of brotherhood and network relationships within the black community.  Most of this is attributed to the unknown. It is in our nature to judge, question and doubt what we do not know, whether it be about each other or events affecting our community every day. We must defy our ignorance in order to squeeze every opportunity out of our college careers.

Because of Ohio University’s extremely scarce African American population (5%), the urgent need for a strong black community on this campus, as well as a non-major based organization for African American students a Black Student Union would be avery beneficial organization to help better the black community.

Together we can bring back “the black family”!

-Chrysten Crockett, Black Student Union President

To view the BLACK STUDENT UNION CONSTITUTION please click the link below:                                                  Black Student Union Constitution

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