Written by: Ha’na Muhammad

The Southern poverty law center, a Montgomery based nonprofit organization,  was founded by two civil rights lawyers Morris Dees and Joseph Levin Jr. in 1971.

Their goals were to fight hate, teach tolerance, and seek justice. They achieve this by doing things like offering free educational material to those schools that are interested. The SPLC seeks to ensure justice for the mass groups of society that are repeatedly discriminated against due to social status, race, age and mental capacity.

One of their landmark cases is Donald v. United Klans of America in which they sued the united Klans of America for brutally beating a young black man, cutting his throat, putting a noose around his neck and hanging him from a tree. This is a landmark case not only because the Southern Poverty Law Center prevailed in this case by winning a $7 million judgment but also because the United Klans of America had to do what they would probably considered the unthinkable; sign the deed to their headquarters over to the mother of the victim, a black woman.

As of now some of the things that the SPLC focus on are exposing hate groups and domestic terrorist throughout the United States. They also fight for the rights of immigrants; they fight to ensure that they get fair pay and other protections that most “American” employees would receive. They also work to make sure that children who cannot speak up for themselves are given a voice and given the things that they need to live a lifestyle similar to their fellow citizens. Lastly they focus on teaching children to be tolerant of people that are different from themselves. They would like to improve the quality of the schooling experience for children in the United States.

Although the Southern poverty law center was founded in Montgomery, Alabama and all of its headquarters are located in the south they are having a major impact on all of America and improving the quality of life for all citizens.

For more information on the Southern Poverty Law Center Please visit: http://www.splcenter.org/